TabSquare’s Customer Success Partners: The people behind the smart software

TabSquare’s Customer Success Partners The People Behind The Smart Software

TabSquare’s Customer Success Partners: The people behind the smart software

Posted by Sofia Hondrogiorge on Jul 24, 2019 6:14:32 AM

We know that making a move to any new software solution can be daunting. TabSquare employs highly skilled Customer Success Partners that can work with you throughout the onboarding process and beyond to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. The Customer Success Partners offer invaluable insights on how to get the most out of the solution. They can play the role of your personal consultant, dependant upon the size and complexity of your operational set-up.


What Our Customer Success Partners Bring To The Table

TabSquare's Customer Success Partners are our point of difference when it comes to the digital ordering marketplace. Here are a few of the ways in which they can offer their support:

  1. They have comprehensive hardware and software knowledge to support and guide you through the early stages in working together.
  2. They are there to help with on-boarding and training on how to use TabSquare’s solution. This ensures you will get the most use out of the solution and work toward achieving optimal results.
  3. They can work with you to fine-tune your menu for peak performance. Their data driven menu engineering skills can boost cross-sell, up-sell and overall revenue due to careful product placements.
  4. They have great technical and systems knowledge with ample support resources. Should you require tech support, the Customer Success Partners can liaise with TabSquare’s technical team for troubleshooting any hiccups. They remain your main point of contact to ensure your business stays up and running at optimal efficiency.

TabSquare’s Customer Success Partners are superstars and they are backed up by a technical call centre. This team can be available from 10am-10pm across the five countries TabSquare operates in. This ensures you will get the service you require at the time you need it.


Menu Optimisation

Optimising your menu is essential and this is where our Customer Success Partners plays a critical role. When it comes to optimising menus, they are your main point of contact, with the ability to provide consultancy on how to set your up menu for maximum productivity and profit.

Their services can include face-to-face sessions, recommendations on menu item placements, upselling and cross-selling and overall menu engineering. Their end goal is to increase your revenue and boost your customer experience. They have the ability to walk you through every part of the TabSquare menu template and tailor items on your immersive, interactive digital menu.

A key focus of the Customer Success Partner is data consultancy. Through your digital eMenu, TabSquare obtains rich data that is unique to every restaurant. Your Partner can bring their expertise to maximise the return of this invaluable data by developing and modifying your digital eMenu to achieve the best results. This is done through intelligent menu engineering and performance monitoring.

While you have access to all this data yourself, we understand you’re busy running your business. So, your Customer Success Partner can make life a whole lot easier for you by processing this data and presenting you with easy-to-understand reports.


Gold Plated Insights Delivered By Customer Success Partners

TabSquare has created easy-to-use, real-time dashboards that allow you to immediately access your data and see, for example, which items are best sellers, which need a bit of extra promotion and what your venue’s popular dining times are. As you can imagine, these insights are gold!

TabSquare’s support doesn’t just stop there.

Your Customer Success Partner meets with you regularly to provide updated insights, industry developments and trends. Our long-term support means that we get to understand your challenges and goals intimately, so we can tailor our support to your unique brand.

Customer Success Partners are able to hold regular strategy meetings to discuss data outcomes, menu performance and general developments at your restaurant along with any new insights and ideas to enhance the performance of your menu. The partners can work with you to understand your goals and tailor the strategy to hit them.

Find out how TabSquare’s cloud ordering platform with digital menus can help your restaurant or café deliver a seamless dining experience with maximum up-sell and keep your customers coming back for more. Join other F&B businesses that are seeing significant benefits from the latest that technology has to offer.

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