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Part 4: The Role Menu Aesthetics Play In Improving Sales Revenue

This is the last part in our 'Boosting sales revenue with your menu' mini-series.To re-cap, you...

Topics: Visuals, Aesthetics, Increase Sales, Revenue, Menu

Part 3: How persuasive selling and promotions on your menu boost sales revenue

So far you have learnt about the importance that menu layout, pricing and descriptions play in...

Topics: AI, Revenue, Menu, Persuasive Selling, Smart, Promotions

Part 2: How pricing & descriptions Increase sales revenue

By now you should know the importance of menu layout when it comes to boosting sales revenue. In...

Topics: Revenue, Descriptions, Menu, Pricing

TabSquare AI's SmartKiosk - 4 benefits Killiney Kopitiam is enjoying!

Killiney Kopitiam is a casual dining restaurant serving up delicious Singaporean street food...

Topics: food and beverage, technology, scale, customer loyalty, expansion, Labour Costs, testimonial

Part 1: How the layout of your menu can help lift sales revenue

Do you want to know the golden money-making moment for your restaurant? It is that brief moment...

Topics: Increase Sales, Revenue, Menu Engineering, Profit Margins

Reducing Plastic Use in the F&B Industry

Plastic waste is a worldwide problem. There is currently an estimated 269,000 tons of plastic...

Topics: tabsquare, food and beverage, reducing, plastic use, Restaurant trends, F&B Trends, F&F Tech