Seoul Garden adds restaurant ordering system from Singapore to Malaysia

Seoul Garden Adds Restaurant Ordering System From Singapore To Malaysia

Seoul Garden adds restaurant ordering system from Singapore to Malaysia

Posted by Nasreen Bawazer on Jan 5, 2018 11:33:23 AM

TabSquare's SmartTab restaurant ordering system is now live in Sabah Malaysia! Seoul Garden Sdn Bhd is a part of Zingrill holdings Singapore which runs Seoul Garden Restaurants in Singapore and uses TabSquare's SmartTab in all their Singapore restaurants.

Troubled with high attrition and language barriers, Seoul Garden Sdn Bhd decided to implement TabSquare's ipad restaurant ordering system for its restaurants in Malaysia. Seoul Garden have already experienced increased revenue, improvements in customer satisfaction, and improved service levels at their outlets in Singapore.  The SmartTab eMenu system cross-sells and upsells based on customer behaviour.

TabSquare offers two more next-generation technology solutions: SmartKiosk and SmartWeb. TabSquare’s SmartKiosk solution is a sleek, small-footprint mobile self ordering kiosk which offers smart personalised cross-selling and upselling to restaurant guests. It's a super-fast, sensitive interface which drives faster order turnover which increases table turns and restaurant profitability.

TabSquare’s SmartWeb is a perfect companion to the other two smart restaurant solutions. It puts your restaurant on the cloud, offering the full dining journey from pre-ordering through to loyalty on a customers mobile device. No app download is required for this restaurant online ordering system, giving diners a smooth, personalised dining experience. It allows venues to drive impulse purchases and add-on sales to lift average check value.

TabSquare’s solutions currently collect over 30 million customer interaction data points each month. They have 6,000 active terminals in the region, serving over 12 million diners annually.

Thank you Seoul Garden for giving us this opportunity! Malaysia is now the fourth country that Tabsquare operates in, after Singapore, Australia and Malaysia and 2nd country to be added this quarter!

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