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Nasreen Bawazer

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What’s new at TabSquare: June 2019

We're already halfway through 2019, and what a year it has been!  June saw us exhibit at QSR Media...

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F&B operators must follow industry trends to succeed

In the highly competitive food and beverage industry, it’s essential for restaurant and cafe owners...

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14 Reasons Why you need to ditch your paper menus

At some point in our dining experience, we’ve all been presented with a grubby, torn or faded paper...

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What's the process to get up and running with TabSquare?

TabSquare is there to support you from day one until well after your new restaurant ordering...

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What’s new at TabSquare: May 2019

What a fantastic month May has been for both the industry and TabSquare. McDonald’s recently...

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Ice cream giant Swensen’s roll out TabSquare’s SmartTab

Popular dessert restaurant Swensen's have launched TabSquare’s SmartTab eMenu System in their...

TabSquare’s SmartTab launches in famous ramen chain Ichikokudo

Prominent Japanese restaurant chain, Ichikokudo, has launched TabSquare’s SmartTab eMenu System...

Why AI-powered personalisation is crucial for QSRs

One of the world’s biggest business buzzes in recent weeks has been the news of McDonald’s US$300m...

AI-powered cloud ordering a unique opportunity for expansion

Franchising is a dream that often lurks at the back of a successful restaurateur’s mind. There are...

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How AI-powered ordering can boost your upsell success

Profit margins in the food and beverage industry worldwide are notoriously thin, and the...

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