Boost Your Profitability: How TabSquare Integrates With POS For Better Customer Interactions

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Boost Your Profitability: How TabSquare Integrates With POS For Better Customer Interactions

Posted by Sofia Hondrogiorge on Sep 4, 2019 6:00:00 AM

The food and beverage (F&B) industry is embracing technology and innovation to stay ahead of the competition and satisfy customer expectations. This is why integrating restaurant management with customer engagement technology platforms is essential. This integration encourages meaningful customer interactions and provides restaurants valuable insights that they can use boost revenue and profitability.

TabSquare's AI-powered restaurant solutions can integrate seamlessly with many point of sale (POS) platforms. Integrating self-ordering solutions with POS providers can assist F&B operators in boosting average bill values as well as save on labour costs.

TabSquare is compatible with many POS systems, making the upgrade a process that does not involve you ditching your current POS provider due to the relationship TabSquare has built with a number of the major POS providers. If you have a bespoke system or use a provider TabSquare hasn't worked with yet, TabSquare will work directly with POS vendor to solve compatibility issues and adjust hardware and software as required. All TabSquare needs to facilitate this is both team's collaboration. The rest is left up to the professionals, ensuring you don't have to think about a costly new solution.

When you decide that you'd like to integrate your POS system with TabSquare's solutions, TabSquare arranges an initial meeting to discuss what it takes to integrate your system and discuss all of the costs, so you don't have to worry about surprise costs.Once the integration is up and running, the orders will sync with your POS and enable you to track your restaurant's workflow. You'll be able to easily monitor how the kitchen receives orders and delivers through the service staff.


TabSquare’s Solutions

TabSquare’s solutions allow restaurant owners to understand their performance better via a monthly report on every activity in the restaurant. This showcases which items are performing the best and which may need extra visibility to push purchases. TabSquare's key solutions are highlighted below.

1. SmartKiosk

The SmartKiosk is a self-ordering kiosk systemthat facilitates the collection of data from all customers that interact with the kiosk at your venue. The solution uses smart facial recognition technology and customers' contact information to collect data. The data collected then triggers personalised menu recommendations for each customer. This way, customers can order and change quickly and easily. This is a solution that uses AI-enhancementto deliver customers a hassle-free experience.

2. SmartTab

TabSquare’s SmartTab, on the other hand, is an Emenu tablet that works as a personal waiter for customers. You can manage all touch points from the time diners walk into your restaurant to the minute they step out.

This restaurant ordering system ensures the process is smooth and seamless. This solution provides a painless and error-free experience for customers whilst reducing the need for many staff members on the floor.

The SmartTab Emenu allows customers to browse through a personalised menu. Each diner enjoys menu recommendations based on their preferences. Below are some of the functions SmartTab can complete;

  • Suggested food and drink pairings
  • Taking orders
  • Displaying the bill
  • Allowing feedback directly from the table
  • Facilitates cross-sells and up-sells

Through the interactive user interface, restaurants can easily promote high-value items, specials, and best sellers. The up-sell and cross-sell capability drives average customer order value and revenue.

3. SmartWeb

TabSquare’s SmartWeb allows consumers to put the restaurant in their pocket. Customers can experience their full dining journey from pre-ordering to loyalty on their mobile devices. This solution offers your customer a smooth and personalised dining experience without them having to download any apps. As a restaurant owner, you can use SmartWeb to drive impulse purchases to lift average bill value.

Final Thoughts

TabSquare ensures that you don't have to change your POS or backend management processes to integrate with them. To find out more, download our case study or contact us, and we will help you improve customer experience and increase revenue.

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