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How AI-powered ordering can boost your upsell success

Profit margins in the food and beverage industry worldwide are notoriously thin, and the...

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7 ways to identify trends and use them to evolve your business

It’s easy to connect ‘future tech’ terms like ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘blockchain’ and...

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How to Prevent Your Restaurant from Going Down when the Internet Goes Offline

Cloud computing has given us some tremendous benefits, including greater mobility and lower...

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TabSquare extends Zingrill’s custom POS and lifts average check value by 12%

Today’s consumers are extremely hard to please. In our instant, technology-driven world, we...

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How AI can help you serve up the best possible ‘next gen’ customer experience

Catering for the ‘next generation’ tech-savvy customer is essential for restaurants to not only...

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How AI provides the ‘secret sauce’ behind the region’s QSR successes

Whether we realise it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a big part of our lives....

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Three ways to measure and boost your QSR’s success

Many factors affect Quick Service Restaurants’ (QSR) profitability and operators have to juggle...

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TabSquare and PC-EFTPOS partner to launch AI-powered dining experiences

TabSquare is pleased to announce an integration with Australia’s leading specialist supplier of...

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