Can you scale your restaurant without consistency?

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Consistency in restaurants

Can you scale your restaurant without consistency?

Posted by Sofia Hondrogiorge on Jan 28, 2020 12:31:00 PM

The simple answer is no, you can't grow without consistency as consistency  will help you create loyal customers. You will lose customers with inconsistent services. And without returning customers, your plans for growth are halfway out the window. Find out how to provide consistency here! 


Consistency in restaurants

Consistency Through Uniformity & Reliability

Uniformity and reliability are imperative for restaurant owners in order to retain customers and expand. Understandably, restaurants need to keep up with customer expectations and change to evolve their offering over time. However, ensuring that you are providing a consistent service and meals are necessary if you would like to scale and grow. Your repeat customers and their positive word-of-mouth (WOM) will lay the foundation for growth and facilitate expansion plans, provided their expectations are met, due to stable, quality experiences.

People hold expectations based on prior experiences which is why reliability is so important. Variation across venues works in a brands detriment as it can taint prior positive experiences with not so favourable ones. The first step in tackling inconsistency and unpredictability is realising there is a problem. Only then you can pinpoint the issue. Whether it is inconsistency in the quality of the food, overall venue atmosphere or the quality of the service.

How To Provide Consistency Across Multiple Venues

One venues success does not guarantee the success of others. When planning to scale, you need to consider the impact that inconsistency plays. A key contributor to failure in scaling is the irregularity faced across branches or franchised venues. Some of the key consistency problem areas for expansion include aligning different expectations and ideas between the franchisee and franchisor, standardising level of staff service, standardising menus and centralising management.

Standardised Staff Training

Uniform procedures and training programs need to be implemented in order to ensure that service runs as smooth as possible and is steady across venues. Training doesn’t only lay out staff responsibilities. It provides staff with the confidence to execute their role as best they can and feel empowered to do give it their all.

When TabSquare AI’s clients come on board, the team at TabSquare AI make it their goal to provide staff with training on the solution and help them make the most out of what it has to offer. Rather than simply relaying information, TabSquare AI empowers your team, ensuring motivated staff provide excellent customer service.

Uniformity between management and staff across venues is essential. As aligned goals will improve overall service and customer satisfaction. Communicating the goals cross-functionally and giving plans of actions in achieving those goals will set you up for success in retaining customers and growing.

Standardised Menus

Menu standardisation across venues is remarkably important due to the way in which it helps provide cross venue transparency. This helps customers navigate through the menu with ease and it also helps the chefs produce consistent meals. The power of standard menus can be seen from the international success of popular chains including; McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks.

With TabSquare AI, it is easy to provide a standard and consistent menu across multiple venues due to the menus being digital rather than paper based. What does this mean for restaurant owners? There will be no more costly design or printing change charges. Moreover, menus can be duplicated with a click of a button - from anywhere at any time. Rolling out new menus, whether for seasonal changes, price updates or to include promotions will be a smooth process for all restaurant owners, even the those that aren't tech-savvy!

Centralised Menu Management

The menu management being centralised is particularly important as it helps save time for restaurant owners and delivers unity across multiple venues. TabSquare AI's solution offers central menu management that can be accessed remotely allowing restaurant owners to easily plan and see how each menu item is performing and what needs more work or changes. Centralised menu management and performance tracking will allow you to see, for example which promotions are working best in which store, or what meals are selling the most in each location. From there, you can switch and change according to the insights to provide your customer demographic with the right options.

Moreover, TabSquare AI facilitates growth plans and scaling opportunities. This is because once the digital menu is initially built according to brand guidelines, menus are easily duplicated, and photographs can be reused across various locations. Providing cross venue uniformity which is imperative if you have plans to franchise or grow.


When the time comes that your business is ready to take the next step and expand, it is essential that you remember the importance consistency plays in terms of growth. TabSquare AI offers unique solutions that can help businesses in their growth plans. 

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