What If Your Customer's Can't Use TabSquare?

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What If Your Customer's Can't Use TabSquare?

Posted by Sofia Hondrogiorge on Aug 21, 2019 6:00:00 AM




TabSquare has been designed with ease-of-use and adaptability in mind. Our incredible team of user experience and user interface (UX/UI) designers have created a seamless ordering experience for customers. TabSquare's solutions are positioned to make ordering and upgrading menu items a breeze, with options including ordering on a tablet, mobile or kiosk.

The rise in online ordering apps (i.e., GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates, etc.) has shown that customers crave easy, seamless, and personalised ordering systems that don't require face-to-face communication and interaction. 73% of diners agree that technology improves their overall guest experience. TabSquare isn't out to replace online ordering systems. Instead, we want to add an additional layer of value on top of your dine-in experience to help you drive profits, increase conversions, and add tangible value to your diners ordering experience.

What if your customers are having issues using TabSquare?

"The TabSquare solution has been embraced by our customers, resulting in a 40% lift in Food And Beverage Sales." — Funlab, Strike Bowling Bar, Australia

We've worked hard to ensure that the TabSquare solution is simple, effective, and smart enough to meet user demands rapidly. Our UI is easy-to-browse, provides multi-lingual capabilities, and has hyper-personalised menu recommendations that will help customers quickly find the exact meal they're looking for without the hassle of diving into the entire menu.

But, sometimes, even the most basic tech can be complicated for some customers — especially if they don't regularly use technology. Don't worry! We've got your back. As part of the initial on-boarding and training process, the TabSquare team can come into your restaurant and train your entire team on the appropriate ways to teach customers how to use our solution.

Speaking of our solution, let's talk about how we've built TabSquare to be intuitive to your diners.

How we've created an incredibly user-friendly ordering system that's perfect for BOTH customers and restaurants

We've developed TabSquare to be extremely easy to order from, and we've glued some critical features to our platform that helps customers order faster, more accurately, and with more privacy than ever!

1. Personalisation for every customer

Delivering a personalised experience has become a key driver of success for restaurants. And, this experience is delivered digitally. 32% of diners agree that restaurants don't utilise enough technology within their restaurant. Every interaction on TabSquare tech is delivered in a hyper-personalised way. Face scanning tech will recognise customers and leverage past interactions and purchases to deliver a high-value menu that's catered to their food purchasing patterns and behaviours.

This means customers will spend less time looking for menu options and more time enjoying your delicious food!

2. AI Driven cross-selling and up-selling

By using smart algorithms and sophisticated personalisation measures, TabSquare can seamlessly upsell and cross-sell to customers exactly when they want it most. This makes the ordering process wonderfully intuitive for your customers. They will be presented food options based on their taste profiles, and given options to upgrade or purchase additional food items when it makes sense and fits into their profile behaviour.

Plus, the TabSquare UI will automatically display popular items and up-sells that are noticeable, allowing restaurants to tap into additional profit streams without sacrificing ease-of-use.

3. User privacy

Sometimes, you want to order that triple anchovy pizza with pineapples in peace and privacy. At times, it can be quite daunting to order extra food or out of the ordinary customisations when a waiter is taking your order. TabSquare gives customers complete privacy during the ordering process. They simply interact with the kiosk, tablet, or web portal and order their food from the comfort of their table.

4. Multiple payment options

A YouGov survey of 2,000 British adults found that 40% of customers would prefer to shop with a retailer or restaurant offering multiple payment options. Having multiple payment options within your ordering system is a great way to provide access to everyone who wants to order your delicious food without risking their loyalty by blocking them from ordering at the last second.

In fact, 58% of diners use or ALWAYS use mobile payment when they order food!

Dependent upon the country, TabSquare currently offers the below payment options:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Contactless
  • QR
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

5. Reduced wait times

Having a line might seem like a great thing (after all, that means everyone loves your stuff!) But, lines can frustrate your diners. Depending on the TabSquare solution you choose, customers can simply sit down and order from their table or at a conveniently placed kiosk. This frees up your staff for other critical roles within the restaurant and gives your customers speed-of-access.

6. Multiple avenues of experience

TabSquare offers three modes of experience.

  1. SmartTab for the ultimate dining experience
  2. SmartWeb for mobile devices
  3. SmartKiosk for quick and counter service restaurants

Why do you need all of these avenues for ordering?

68% of diners think that ordering tablets improve their dine-in experience. And, 65% of guests will use a kiosk when it's available. Offering multiple ordering options keeps diners engaged and happy. Plus, they can order through the tech they're most comfortable with — which reduces the "tech stress" of having to learn a new system.

Final Thoughts

Chances are, your customers will be able to immediately use the TabSquare ordering system without any training frictions. The UI/UX is user-friendly, easy-to-browse, and provides plenty of payment and up-sell options to keep diners engaged. Plus, with multi-lingual capabilities and hyper-personalised recommendations, every diner will experience our ordering system in their own unique way.

With three modes of ordering to choose from, TabSquare has the options to meet every restaurant's needs.

Want to learn more? Check out our case study and white paper where we dive into more detail. And, if you have any questions or you want to set up a demo, contact us.

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