What’s new at TabSquare: February 2019

Three Ways To Measure And Boost Your QSR’s Success

What’s new at TabSquare: February 2019

Posted by Nasreen Bawazer on Feb 22, 2019 8:59:28 AM

2019 is already kicking off to a great start for TabSquare! In January we appeared at QSR Media Asia Conference & Awards where we had the opportunity to introduce TabSquare to some of Asia's most exciting businesses.

Listening to these businesses and our existing clients, we have put together some useful articles.

Below we've also included practical methods to boost your QSR performance, as well as the 'secret sauce' behind the region's QSR successes. We have also recently partnered with PC-EFTPOS, which helps provide a more engaging and satisfying AI-powered dining experience.

Three ways to measure and boost your QSR’s success

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Many factors affecting Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) profitability merge together into a melting pot of ingredients that determine the success (or failure) of a restaurant.

How do you sift through the noise to find the key indicators that tell you if you’re on track for a good year, or getting close to unsustainable profitability? There are three ways to measure and boost your QSR’s success measures – read more about them here.

How AI powered cloud ordering platforms are growing QSRs in Asia

Artificial Intelligence is all around us and it’s made its way into our quick service dining experience. AI is transforming the way we select, order and pay for our meals and we’re increasingly happy to use it.

AI delivers the ‘secret sauce’ of personalisation in QSRs, without us even realising it’s happening. Customers are satisfied with the quick and easy experience and restaurants are seeing order values, item values and table turns increasing dramatically. Find out more here.

TabSquare and PC-EFTPOS partner to launch AI-powered dining experiences

TabSquare announces an integration with specialist EFTPOS supplier PC-EFTPOS that extends POS and payment systems to provide a more engaging and satisfying dining experience.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Tabsquare helps drive restaurants’ profitability by creating seamless operations, saving labour costs, boosting average cover value and speeding up table turns. The solution is compatible with POS and PC-EFTPOS platforms.

Read more about this integration.

TabSquare finds success at QSR Media Asia Conference & Awards event

This January TabSquare was a proud partner of the QSR Media Asia Conference & Awards 2019 for the second year running. As one of Asia’s most influential F&B events, it attracts the who’s who of the global QSR industry including brands like; KFC, Pizza Hut (Yum! Brands), Little Caesars, Subway, FOCUS Brands, Mad Mex, 4Fingers, Krispy Kreme, Boost Juice Bars, SaladStop!, Domino's Pizza, Yakun Kaya Toast, Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, amongst others. The event also brings together other players in the F&B industry from food ordering technology, menu innovation, restaurant design, as well as investment and market research.


TabSquare Co-founder, Chirag Tejuja spoke during the F&B technology session which aimed to further explain the results of why AI technology goes beyond capturing the consumer's imagination. As the only technology company providing AI-Powered solutions to the F&B industry at the event, Chirag’s insight was very well received.And if you’d like to see TabSquare in action, download our case study on how we’re helping Sushi Tei and Hokkaido-Ya.

Get started with Demo of TabSquare

Do you have a venue or chain where you’d like to see AI powered ordering integrated with your POS? Our product team are ready to walk you through how TabSquare works, and how to get up and running at your venue – get started today with a no obligation demo of TabSquare.

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