What's the process to get up and running with TabSquare?

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What's the process to get up and running with TabSquare?

Posted by Nasreen Bawazer on Jun 6, 2019 1:21:15 PM

TabSquare is there to support you from day one until well after your new restaurant ordering solution goes live. We assign you a dedicated Customer Success Partner, so you can get on with running your business and have peace of mind that everything is going ahead exactly to plan. We can work to ensure your venue experiences no downtime and can get you up and running with our products in as little as six weeks. 

Here’s our four-step blueprint for success:

1. Let’s get you up and running

So, you’ve made the great decision to choose TabSquare as the technology provider for your restaurant ordering solution. What happens next?

First, your dedicated Customer Success Partner swings into action and sets up a kick-off meeting to run through the steps to get you up and running. We understand you have a business to run, so they take care of all the details. This includes working with you to set up your first digital menu.

They will also discuss any specific needs or challenges you might have, including staffing & staff training. They ensure the hardware and software integrates with your new or existing technology, including your POS.

2. Leave the technical stuff to us

Once the required information is provided, the TabSquare team then builds your first eMenu. Just four weeks after the initial kick-off meeting it’s ready for review, including the menu theme and colours you selected. It’s deployed on an iPad, ready for you to review, and give feedback or approval.

Feedback is taken on board and within a week we’ll come back to you with any changes, ready for sign off. This version will include dish pairings, recommendations and search terms.

Once signed off, getting it running at your venue typically takes two weeks, including full testing. Every scenario is run through, including making sure that TabSquare integrates seamlessly with your new, or existing, POS. You can rest easy by leaving all the technical hardware and software details to us.

3. Setup and training

You have full control throughout this entire process, and your dedicated Customer Success Partner is by your side to help with roll-out and training, so you can confidently manage your digital menu.

Setup and training include:
  • Setup your restaurant ordering solution using TabSquare’s Content Management System (CMS).
  • Load menu information and photos.
  • Create new menus, including time-based features and new dish categories.
  • Learn how to read the reporting & analytics dashboard for menu item level insights and advice from our restaurant experts.
  • Full training for all staff, with after-hours support.

4. Ongoing optimisation

A key strength of any technology solution is being able to capture and use the valuable customer data and insights generated. While you have access to the goldmine of information that TabSquare offers, your Customer Success Partner makes life a whole lot easier by processing and presenting easy-to-understand reports for you.

These include customer behaviour and user trends, which are vital for corporations and franchises in particular, who need to understand how each menu is performing at a regional or sector level. This includes what items are trending, the top sellers, average order value, table turns, average item value, how customer spend is tracking, and much more.

TabSquare’s analytics can, for example, identify fast-moving dishes which are good candidates for a price increase, or more slower-moving higher-priced items which could benefit from the additional promotion. The data can even help manage staffing levels, based on peaks and troughs shown through the number of orders, average table turns and other valuable insights.

Your own marketing strategist and menu performance analyst

Your TabSquare Customer Success Partner adds the ‘TabSquare difference’. They act both as a marketing campaign strategist and a menu performance analyst, by providing valuable knowledge and expertise during menu set up and optimisation, including advice on industry best practice.

Collaboration includes face-to-face sessions, and covers recommendations on item placement, upselling and cross-selling and overall menu structure – all aimed at increasing your revenue and improving your customer’s dining experience.

To begin, your Customer Success Partner walks you through your digital menu set up template, sharing their valuable advice on how to create the best possible menu to enhance the diners’ experience. This includes input on how to tailor items to suit a digital menu, as it provides a more immersive experience compared with a traditional printed menu.

Once the first draft of the menu is received, Customer Success Managers go through it in fine detail, testing it and making sure it provides the optimum customer experience. This is then fed back to you for input.

Data consultancy is an important focus for each Customer Success Partner. TabSquare’s solution obtains rich data unique to each restaurant, which provides valuable insights for fine tuning a venue’s digital menu for best results. The Customer Success Partner makes sure the client has ongoing support, with menu engineering and monitoring of its performance using this data.

This is a regular, ongoing process. Your Customer Success Partner is there to guide you and help you adjust your digital menu as new promotions are tried and tested.

Standard promotions include:
  • Creating ‘sets’ of a combination of dishes or meals
  • Complimentary and upsell dishes
  • 2-for-1 customisation, so customers can only see and order specific, identified items
  • Vouchers and discounts keyed directly into the TabSquare solution.

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