F&B operators must follow industry trends to succeed


F&B operators must follow industry trends to succeed

Posted by Nasreen Bawazer on Jun 26, 2019 6:50:52 AM

In the highly competitive food and beverage industry, it’s essential for restaurant and cafe owners to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in their industry. Given the busy and pressured lives they lead, it’s understandable that it’s difficult to stay up to date. However, this is a critical strategic function that can make a huge difference to your business’s long-term future.

TabSquare has been in on the ground floor of digital ordering solutions since 2012, and staying up to date with technology is our bread and butter. We have compiled some great information sources from the Australia-Pacific region that we’d like to share to help you stay on top of your game.

Our Top 12 F&B industry news picks

1. QSR Media

QSR Media is a top news source for Australia’s quick serve, fast casual, and chain restaurant industries. They publish daily news, a weekly newsletter, quarterly roundtables and an annual print issue that engage with the industry to provide you with the most up to date news.  

2. Australian Good Food Guide - Restaurant Guide

The Australian Good Food & Travel Guide provides comprehensive restaurant, accommodation and travel authority, and is the home of the Chef Hat Awards. Following the Restaurant Guide is essential for understanding restaurant popularity trends.  

3. Inside Franchise Business

Inside Franchise Business provides franchisees information and direct access to franchises for sale in Australia. They send a twice-weekly newsletter, as well as a print magazine that showcases high performing brands and individuals, business opportunities for sale and industry trends and information.  

4. Frugal Feeds

Frugal Feeds is Australia’s home for fast food news, deals, vouchers and coupons. Track all the current deals and latest product launches on one site.  

5. Foodnavigator Asia

Foodnavigator Asia delivers insightful journalism and high-value data for the food industry. You can find daily coverage of the stories impacting the food and beverage industry, spanning everything from investments, incubation and innovation to ingredients, labelling, regulation, consumer trends and new technology.  

6. Asia Pacific Food Industry

Asia Pacific Food Industry (APFI) is one of Asia’s leading trade magazines for the food and beverage industry. It provides editorial coverage on the latest research, innovative technologies, health and nutrition trends, as well as market reports.

7. Australian Food News

Australian Food News offers the latest news and opinion about the food industry in Australia and worldwide, as well as the latest media releases.  

8. Food & Beverage Magazine

Food & Beverage Magazine provides industry news related to the concerns and interests of manufacturing, business, technology and solutions.  

9. Food & Drink Business

Food & Drink Business publishes daily, digestible news, technology and product developments in the F&B manufacturing sector.  

10. Inside Our Food Companies

Inside Our Food Companies is a study that assesses the nutrition policies and commitments related to obesity prevention and nutrition of the largest food companies in Australia, including QSRs. It presents data-based analysis and key recommendations that can help you understand your business’ areas for improvement.

11. Australian Food & Grocery Council QSR Forum  

The QSR Forum was convened as QSR companies recognised the need for strong sector representation to Government. It’s a platform for coordinated action on issues pertaining to the QSR Industry, lets the industry collaborate on matters of common interest and shares information.

12. TabSquare Blog & Resources

Aside from these industry-specific news sources, the TabSquare blog has a wealth of valuable information on technology trends in the F&B industry, including digital ordering solutions. This includes some great case studies, why personalisation is so important for QSRs and how to get up and running with TabSquare.

But, no matter how you keep your finger on the pulse, it’s essential that you remain up to date with what’s happening in the competitive F&B industry. Find out how TabSquare’s cloud ordering platform can help your restaurant or café stay ahead of the game, deliver a seamless dining experience and keep your customers coming back for more. Join other F&B businesses that are seeing significant benefits from the latest that technology has to offer.

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